Can’t stop thinking about you

The thought of you is always in my mind
It’s like you’re glued to my memory frame
It pops up whenever it wants to
I wonder if you also feel the same

I run and workout tirelessly at gym
Just to see if I could keep you off my head
But I see you, feel you, and hear you all around
And it always keeps me awake in bed

Your dreams haunt me every night
One of many things that I cannot control
Yet your thoughts give me a peace of mind
As you’re shining through my pitch black soul

So tell me how I stop this feeling
I’m giving you a way out of this
Or I swear I’ll love you like nobody has
That you won’t ever be able to resist


Forever in your embrace

Dark is the night

As I hold you tight

Stars light up the sky

The heavenly might

when you shine bright

I’m lost within your eyes


It’s been engraved

Never to fade

This heart has found it’s soul

Pumping loud

with a thumping sound

Just listen, you’ve filled it’s hole


And you rest your head

On my shoulder blade

As the moonlight falls on your face

what choice I have

but to get lost

forever in your embrace


Love Frenzy

Every waking moment is getting harder to breathe

As I long to hear your voice call my name

I can’t hide what is growing underneath

You are the fire that fuels this flame

Closing my eyes doesn’t help but hides

Overwhelming feelings with selfish desire

Uncontrollable urge of being by your side

As my restless heart is being caught on fire

You are what I feel, you are what I see

Your enchanting beauty soothes this lonely soul

You are the reason for my insanity

And one I love the most in this whole wide world


Feelings of Falling for Someone

Why is the sun shining like never before?

And the breeze flowing carrying ever fresh air

Why the cold doesn’t feel cold anymore?

Like something warm irradiating from my inner core

Why do I feel not myself anymore?

Like a façade overpowered stranger

Why is it hard to think without a grin?

Or even to concentrate on anything

Why do I feel like something has changed?

As if in a flash my whole life rearranged

Why am I overwhelmed with restlessness?

Its new and scary and I feel out of place

Why am I settling after such a long chase?

Somehow as if everything’s falling into place

Why do I even care as long as you are here?

As if I finally found a purpose that I care

To hold you, walk beside you as we strive together

And I promise I’ll always be with you forever






Without you !!

I stood still staring at her eyes
No she was right, she was not not lying
I seek no answer, for I knew beneath those cries
Lies the love, lies the reason for my life

Time didn’t wait, it slipped away instead
The farewell soon started and I was there
Holding her hands that I would have to leave
And looking at her eyes and love that I’ll miss

My silence said everything my heart had felt
I want her to stay by my side forever
But i let her go, on her own this time
Not knowing, but then I’ll leave her never

Would the horizon be still far away I wonder
Then I could see her, her image, but now fading faster
Now its pounding with so many beats I can feel it
As if it will blow away my heart into pieces

Soon emptiness filled the skies and the ground
Now the eyes are wet and I’m feeling so strange
As if the time had stopped and wind forgot to blow
As if I was left behind and wanted no more

I knew I was hurt, I was bleeding within
Her fragrance flew across whenever I breath in
Her memories so sharp, her image so unblurr
That my eyes saw nothing , nothing but her

Soon I was weakened and the fear took over
The optimism that once flourished now getting weaker
The clouds grew slowly covering every light
As if the darkness shadowed even the smallest hope alive


What a wonderful world


Dancing leaves captures
Its own arrhythmic motion
It preservers nonetheless
Creating show of wonders

Dark cloud weeps
And drenches all around
Smell of rejuvenation
As passing rain sweeps

Running river twinkles
Its long journey ahead
Tranquilizing the listener
With bumps and bruises

Sun fades away
As its warmth replaced
Twilight colors horizon
Giving night its way

Moon brightly shines
In wondrous night sky
Victory over darkness
Glitters across in billions

Eyes won’t fold
Every sense busy capturing
Inner soul perceives
What a wonderful world


How much I love you.


As I lie back with the blank page
To jot down the feelings I’ve felt
But every time I’m filled with rage
And I’m just not able to concentrate

Still are my eyes, Still is the body
The black and white films rolling slowly and slowly
The paper beneath tries to fly away from
Coz it sees it will meet the rain and the storm

I then sit still holding the pen
To write the pages that passed
But the foggy mind failed to clear the vision
And those memories just couldn’t last

The torn episodes of life got detached
And my hands are frozen by the emptiness within
The pen gets stuck as it hears the heart
It knows I cant write what its feeling

So, I put a dot and hoped it to grow
Into a word that has been never heard before
A word, simple, eternal but true
That would really tell you how much I love you


That Morning Crush!!

That morning started with foggy air
While the sun trying to displace and tear
Soon it vanished and the horizon grew
The beauty then I saw as the breeze blew
Frozen by her looks and her awe-inspiring smile
Made me a slave for that moment in time
No words can explain that time what I felt
Just an example of sheer elegance
My eyes were fixed on her as I got lost
Never had I felt like this and time just stopped
With courage I took a stride following her charm
Slowly as I approached her, faster did my heart
Restlessness inside of me as I was going insane
Closer I got to her, blurry she became
Wanted to speak but there was only silence
So I took a step and fell from a precipice
A long steep fall reached the bottom and it stopped
Slowly as I opened my eyes, I felt the hurt
Realization of what transpired brought me a smile that morning
That morning when I fell, out my bed dreaming.



Sometimes I use poetry as a way of venting out. This is one of those times. Enjoy!!

Time and time again there’s a battle within
Myself against myself had the spark starting
It burned all that I was and that I will become
Rose above the failures that I walked away from
The mistakes of past haunts the lonely soul
The despair felt within left its own big hole.
The virtue of selflessness and goodness of soul
The trickery they made, more it made me cold
Experience I call it or lessons that I told
Things can slip away no matter how carefully you hold
Still a dim light shines somewhere deep within me
You’ll find it with ease, coz it’s the only light inside of me.
The humor of reality and the life it hooked
Tangled up dreams, the big joke it cooked
I did what I could, what I knew was right
Never said what I wanted, what I felt inside.


A poem for Nepal

April 25th, 2015 was one of the darkest days for my country. It was the day it got hit by 7.8 Richter scale earthquake. Lots of people died, many more became homeless. When people were getting back to their normal daily life, the second quake hit with 7.3 Richter scale on May 12. The tremors are still felt today. Hope my post acts as a voice for us to get up and rebuild.


Thousands of innocent lives perished, thousands more injured
Buildings didn’t stand a chance, cities fell and crumbled
The braves searched for souls, beneath the piled up rubble
Hoping that they would find life, without caring for trembles
The clear sunny day turned into a disastrous nightmare
People were scared to death and still terrified to remember
The place they once called home, unsafe with cracks and holes
Living underneath the night sky is starting to take a toll
But our history speak volumes of our toughness of heart and mind
We’ll fight to come out on top and everything will just be fine
Adversity tests our strength and courage, and with those we’ll advance
For it is just in a moment of time, and soon it shall also pass
Helping hands are everywhere, we have to come together as one
To climb our way back from the rubble, to reach out for the sun
We won’t break, we won’t give up, it’s just not in our nature
Believing that everything is possible, even our bright future
Hand in hand we will build it all, Step by step we’ll strive
Slowly but surely we will move on while fighting on to survive
Lets be an example in history, lets start with me and you
Lets build a better NEPAL and together we can make it come true



Sometimes life gets to us and we tend to take things for granted without even realizing it. Let’s slow down and take some time to appreciate those who have been there for us. This is to life long friendships. 

Be it of history or of long years
Or of those defining moments, we learn
That not all will be beside in need
Only few stay, expecting nothing in return
Few are those bonds of trust
Of mutual respect, of understanding
Fewer are the shoulders that provide
Strength to lean on, to carry on
Down, sad, whatever the mood
Always blows in like a feel good song
Decodes every silence with words
The bond that is formed for lifelong
Cherish every moment together
Of wretched days and of fun
Many are part of our journey
But it’s precious few we should hold on.



We all have been through tough stretches in our lives. Times when we’ve felt that nothing is going our way or when we’ve regretted the past decisions we’ve made or when we’ve felt that we were this close of becoming a big failure. We all go through it, count yourselves lucky if you have never been through these stretches. Instead of dwelling in the past, we must strive forward and start believing in ourselves. Nobody can tell us what we can or can’t do. It’s not up to them, it’s up to us. WE CAN BE WHATEVER WE WANT TO BE and you better believe it because we all have that POWER, a POWER to write our own DESTINY. 

We have it all inside of us, everything that require
To succeed, to make our every dream come true
We are the masters of our own destiny
Let the new day bring a new start, for me and for you

Many a times, we observe and get scared from far
Only to realize its not as bad and not as hard
Change is difficult but change is progress and important
It’s inevitable, so embrace it and move forward

Like a river, we must learn to flow
Breaking barriers to go where we want to go
Like a wind, we must learn to be free
Flowing fearlessly reaching where we need to be

Crossroads are many, on each, choose we must
Plethora of choices, but on ourselves we trust
Our choice, no matter big or small
Never regret as there ARE no wrong ones

Life is a long struggle, for everybody, who are still here
Only by loving ourselves we can smile and share
Life is filled with sadness and fun
Even with our scar and pain we learn to move on

Days of the past are gone and so are of excuses
Time to look ahead, to start believing in ourselves
The past carries where we were, where we’ve come from
But we decide our present and what we want to become


Feel Alive!!

Sometimes we need to take time and let ourselves realize and appreciate the things in our life that makes us who we are, that makes us feel alive. DSC_0305

As the gentle breeze revitalizes
with its tender touch across your soul
A journey it makes through your heart
Cleanses and purifies your body in whole
Insignificance yet comforting
What it means to Feel Alive.

The beautiful sound, a river makes
As it makes the journey through the stones
Natural melodious harmony that it creates
Just close your eyes and get lost in its tunes
Powerful yet soothing
What it means to Feel Alive.

Be it of losing or of struggle
The pain you feel on every wall you stumble
the morning sun is that glimmer of hope
You know there are always solutions to your troubles
Harsh yet enlightening
What it means to Feel Alive.

Smile and spread the joy everyday
The feeling in your stomach and in your soul
Share it with love, with everybody you know
As long as it stays, then just watch it grow
Selfish yet delightful
What it means to feel alive

No matter the insignificance it has in your life
Every experience on every moments of your time
Stop for a second, look around and feel
What it means to Feel alive.


It’s gonna be alright (Walking Dead Tribute)

I am little behind catching up with the shows. So, I just finished watching Season 5 of Walking Dead (which was pretty awesome). I think we can relate Walking Dead with our real life struggle(less violent obviously) and take real life lessons from it which gave me an idea to write about it. It isn’t that great but here it is. 


Image Source: http://hdwallpaperpc.blogspot.com/2012/10/the-walking-dead-wallpapers.html

Living among the dead, learning to survive
Struggling with, to keep the fight alive
Hope’s fading with every passing day
But we got each other and we always find a way
Together we walk with body full of scar
Fighting the impossible, we got this far
Walkers turned the world into an eternal fray
Adversity it seems, kicks in everyday
“A family” one may say bonded for life
As long as we bond, we will survive
Here’s to another day and to another night of fight
Above all, reminding ourselves that its gonna be alright


There is Always Hope

I want to dedicate this post to the people who fight each day with depression. It is a disease and we should fight it together. I do not know what it is like to carry it but what I know is that you are not alone, you have me as I have you and that you are VERY SPECIAL. Hopefully my post would help even though it starts on a sad tone.

Bewildering state of my emotionless mind
Pain that ignited my futility inside
The chaos that consumed it from the dawn of time
Vanquished the light deep within, the one that used to shine
Left with a broken shell with only myself to blame
Slowly but surely identity fell prey to flame
Vast ocean that is life, fooled me for it looked so calm
The ocean disguised to let me believe that there was no harm
For it was the beginning of the waves crashing and smashing
Freezing rain falling and it was mortality I was facing
So many times I wanted to give up, wanted it to be over
Giving up was an easy way out, almost everybody prefer
Holding and sliding, I kept the fight alive
Broke me down to pieces but I had HOPE to survive
For I knew there must be another way this could stop
I didn’t know I had it in me until I fought over to top
Then I understood there is only one and only once I’ll live
I learned along the way that even I have something to give
So much to life than feeling of worthlessness and regret
But to share, love and live as I embraced the hate


Untitled (Tribute to Paul Walker)

After watching Furious 7, I got pretty inspired by the tribute to Paul Walker. If you haven’t watched it, I would encourage you to go watch it. This is my tribute to him. Rest In Peace brother!!!

black background

Quite a lot to do with so little time

Feels like it was yesterday just learning to walk fine

Underneath the stars, born we were

And here we shall breathe our final air

Things learned, experienced, tears were shed

Puzzle I shall declare or certainty of fate

We came from the stars, where it all began

To stars we will return and we shall meet again!!


First Love!

There is always something special about the first Love. Specially, when you have written a poem for it 12 years ago. I am no poet but I definitely worked out the rhymes. Happy to share it to the world. 

I fell in love with your eyes that showed the world to me
And with your lips when it first kissed me
I fell in love with your cheeks that i always want to kiss
And with your hands that i never want to miss
I fell in love with your words that always inspires me
And with your looks that always lets me be me
I fell in love with your laughter that taught me the meaning of fun
And with your sorrow that I lent not to return
I fell in love with your kindness that seeks every time a helpless
And also with your sweet caress that heals my every pain
I fell in love with your beauty that shines inside of me
And with your passion that always drives me crazy
I fell in love with your soul that is so caring and pure
And with the heart of yours that knows loving more and more
i fell in love with everything, that is you
But I fell in love with you, the moment I first saw you


Live Life!!!

I’ve decided to be bit poetic with my first ever blog. So I’ve started on a positive note as I see the world with a rose colored lens. 

No matter how tough it gets,
No matter how life treats,
Take a deep breath and move along
Cherish moments, dance, sing a song
Live to its fullest, live to what u can
Live till u burp, leave nothing undone
Struggle, u will, but don’t lose hope
Things will overwhelm you, but don’t give up.
Promises will be broken, just hold on
Life will be good again, days back to fun.
Crossroads will separate, things will go wrong
Will be days when you’ll need someone to lean on.
The past will haunt and the future might scare you.
Hold on tight and carry on through.
Pessimism will knock, doubting will be normal
Believe in yourself to stand tall
Sadness will overcast moments , tears; a  heavy burden
Just let it be, let it fall, stop holding on
You will learn to smile, Hiding all the pains inside
Know this, you’re not alone and this is why we fight
In life for hopes of something better
The end is what matters, something worth struggling for.

Reminding to be Human

Be that of hate,
Rage, guilt or pain
Or of forgiving,
Caring, humble or brave
The tendency of emotions
And the feelings inside
Gift or curse
Who are we to decide?
Yet we choose
What we want to become
The paths are many
One way street with no return
It is right here
Now is the moment we got
Is it that hard to choose?
What is right and what is not?
We are but mere humans
With no miracles, no superpower
Yet we are capable of the impossible
As long as we have each other
We tend to get lost
by letting our imaginations run wild
Because sometimes all we need
is some good, whole lot of love and an open mind

Things I learned about life after the Earthquake!!

“Don’t be afraid that your life will end; be afraid that it will never begin.”

When the April 25th 7.8 earthquake of Nepal happened, I was on the 4th floor, shaking vigorously and helplessly along with my house. It shook for around 30 seconds but believe me it felt like it was shaking forever and ever. It felt like I was forced to dance with an awful dissonance produced by the cracking sound of the windows and the movements of the bricks.

It was definitely the most terrifying experience I ever had the displeasure of experiencing. Mortality was right there staring at my eyes because I knew there was a very large possibility that the building might collapse, along with me.

Thankfully my parents, family, relatives were all safe and nobody that I knew fell victim to the earthquake. But this does not diminish the consequences of this deadly earthquake that claimed almost 9,000 lives and injured more than 22,000.

These kinds of disaster are powerful forces of nature and after experiencing I realized how helpless we are against such power. Let alone the building, I had given up hope even for the ground beneath my feet.

As much I was afraid and terrified, it was one of the most humbling experiences for me, the one that turns your life upside down. You can say, it forced me to think hard enough with honesty on how I went about living my life in the past and made re-analyze my priorities from there onwards.

“We are bunch of overachievers always worrying about our future but we sometimes forget that happiness lies in the small things that are taking place in the moment.”

For most of us (which includes me), life is moving at exceptionally rapid pace. When we have finally time to sit down and think, we are surprised at how much time has passed and two years ago might feel like yesterday.

It is definitely not our fault that we have hurriedly sprinted through our lifetime. It is the demand and the competition of this era where if you won’t do it then somebody else will in your place.

This is the reason why sometimes we get caught up with our life. We forget to take notice of what surrounds us and we start taking things for granted unknowingly.

After the incident, I taught myself to notice things which I never had time to notice before. And suddenly the air was filled with powerful aromas of Jasmine and Plumeria. The colorful twilight between the mountains in the horizon started invigorating every cell in my body.

May be this is what’s called living in the moment or maybe not but all I know is, it most certainly made me feel happy.

Facing such devastating incident and coming out of it unscratched was a big “what if” moment for me. But now I have stopped thinking about what ifs, I am here now, writing this article and from here on, I have promised myself to live in the moment and take care of my present.

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

Death is certain and there is no denying that. To me this incident gave me a new purpose, a new way to live my life. It showed me that we all have limited time to spend and there are things and forces way bigger than us.

We all do our time and we depart, it is the universal truth. It is because of this sad truth that our life is that much precious. If we lived forever, life would have no meaning. It would be utterly worthless (may be not utterly but almost). But since we live only once and have so little time, we should make sure we make it worth all the while in the world.

Living is hard but we tend to make it more complicated than it has to be. I have decided to and we can and should make it much simpler.

You can dance to a hip number, sing to a funky rhythm, read all the books you can and play till you wear out. Invent new machines, develop new drugs, discover new planets and travel a lot.

Whatever you do, do things that would bring a smile, do things that would make other people go crazy, be free like a bird and fly away for a while. Find something that would make YOU happy, fall in love and live with no regrets.

Learn from the past, live in the present and be that person what everybody wants to be but are too afraid to try. But most importantly remember to love yourself then smile and spread it all around.

Here’s to Life!!!

LIEBSTER AWARD: Nominations (Yay!!)


So, I have been nominated for a Leibster Award and it is really awesome. After searching for a while in the internet, I have found that this award is given from one blogger to another. It is one of the cool ways to search for new blogs, blogger and encourage them to do more blogging. The word “Leibster” is of German origin and have bunch of translations, such as: dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved etc. There is a page which defines the award and its history much more better than me.

These are the rules:

I.  Thank the person who nominated me and link to their blog.

I would like to thank ThatScribbler for nominating me and encouraging me to search and encourage fellow bloggers. Thanks again.

II. Answer 10 questions asked by my nominator.

  1. What is your favorite genre for reading? How often do you read beyond your genre?

I’m a sucker for books. I don’t read that often but when I do I read non-fiction (mostly science stuff). Beyond my genre, I’ve read “The Last Lecture”, which I think is an awesome book. It is also a non-fiction but different for me because it is not science related.

  1. Who is your all time favorite antagonist (any genre)? Any particular trait that intrigued you?

Well, there aren’t really antagonists in non-fiction books. So, I’ll borrow from the movie. I think “Joker” played by late “Heath Ledger” is my favorite antagonist of all time.

  1. Intake of coffee, tea, or some form of alcohol increases creativity. Agree or disagree?

Haven’t tried it when doing something creative, but now I’m curious.

  1. Which Lord of the Ring character are you? Or if you’re not into fantasy… who is your favorite book protagonist so far?

Hmm…I really liked the movies. All the characters are great. It is too hard to choose.

  1. Can you go more than two days without writing (or reading, if you are a non-writer) anything creative?

Yes, totally. Not really.

  1. Who is your favorite author? Any particular trait that you like?

Michio Kaku because readers doesn’t have to have science background to understand his books. He explains things in simple Layman terms even a 10 year old could understand (little over exaggeration but you know what I mean).

  1. Any story or character that you wish you’d have written?

I would have to say LOTR. (Never in a million years by me though)

  1. If Justice League were to face off Avengers… who would have upper hand?

Justice league for sure. But I like Avengers a lot and I have to take their side even though they will be kicked out of the park by the Justice league.

  1. Do you feel more passionate when writing with a pencil & paper than electronically into the computer?

I prefer computer because computer = less mess.

  1. How do you balance blogging with your work (or with other forms of writing or school)?

I don’t. I just happen to write when I am free.

III. Nominate and link 10 other bloggers (with about less than 200 followers).

I came across lot of amazing blogs and these are my top nominees.

1. Thru the 50mm

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10. Varsha12345

IV. Notify all the bloggers I’ve nominated.

Did that.

V. Create 10 new questions for my nominees to answer.

I found it harder to ask questions than to answer those that were asked to me. Have fun answering them. Here are my questions to the nominees:

  1. Game of thrones or Breaking Bad?
  2. What is your favorite Book/s of all time?
  3. Jurassic Park or Jurassic World?
  4. What is your favorite superhero movie/s (or any other genre if you’re not into superhero movies)?
  5. What is your favorite TV show/s?
  6. Apple or Microsoft or Google?
  7. What super power would you like to have, if you can have one for a day?
  8. Who is your favorite music artist/s of all time?
  9. What do you think of space travel?
  10. If you win a million dollar (or equivalent of that), what would you do with it?

It was a great experience to have come across great blogs which would not have been possible without the nomination. Thank you all